Sex and sexual violence do I know the difference?

Understanding the difference is important for everyone.

  • Are you at risk of being victimized?
  • Are you at risk of committing an act of sexual violence?
  • Are you unsure how to respond to harassment?

Learn to recognize all forms of sexual violence -  reduce your risk - give and find support.

Sex is supposed to be a positive (sometimes wonderful–disappointing-amazing–fun-boring-bad-transformative all of that) kind of life experience. It can happen in a casual way or in a long term relationship.

It is sex only when there is agreement about what is happening, when there is consent, between people who are old enough to freely say 'yes' to each other. The law in Ontario says that you have to be at least 16 years old to give consent. If there isn’t consent – it’s a crime.

This toolkit has been designed to encourage reflection, learning and ongoing dialogue. Scroll down to explore the different topics. Talk to others about what you discover to open help open up conversations that break the silence.  You are not alone, and together we can create a just society. 

Julie talks about finding help if you have experienced sexual violence:

Listen to Peers

Listen to professionals...

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