Support makes the difference for young people

It’s true, young people in care are more vulnerable to sexual violence. AND there are many things we can do to support them so that they develop the resilience to face their unique life challenges and overcome different kinds of adversity.

This toolkit has been designed to encourage reflection, learning and ongoing dialogue. Scroll down to explore the different topics. Be prepared that some of the topics may be challenging for children of the 20th century. The language is direct and explicit on several pages. The content has been purposely chosen to reflect what is happening in society. Speaking openly and directly about sex and sexuality is part of youth culture. Figuring out how to connect with this generation requires a willingness to listen without judging.

We hope that you will find helpful information and ideas that are interesting or stimulating for yourself.  Leap21 creators also hope that you will go on and engage others to open up discussion on the difficult subject of sexual violence to break through the silence that is so devastating. Together we are stronger.  You play such an important role in a young person's life. Never doubt that your love and support makes the difference.

LEAP21 includes three main areas where we can grow in understanding of sexual violence as both an individual and a social issue.

  1. Our understanding of sexual violence
  2. Our understanding of resilience and risk
  3. Our ability to allow differences to co-exist and to respect diversity

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