Myths about Trafficking

Myth: Canadian citizens cannot be trafficked.

Reality:[Perrin, B. Invisible Chains and More Myths and Realities]   Victims include Canadians as well as foreign nationals.

Myth: The individual was paid for services.

Reality:   Many sex trafficking victims never keep any of the money paid for their exploitation; traffickers may provide others with small amounts of money to keep them compliant but not allow them to leave.

Myth: The individual had freedom of movement and so is not a trafficking victim.

Reality:   Some sex traffickers forcibly confine their victims; many more control them using threats, psychological coercion, and manipulation.  In many cases, traffickers are also able to make credible threats against the family members of the victim. Physical violence used against victims can easily convince them that these threats are serious.

Myth: It can’t be trafficking if the trafficker and victim are related or married.

Reality:   Being married or related does not give someone the right to victimize another. Some victims have agreed to marry their exploiters in the false hope of lessening or ending their abuse.

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