How well do you understand consent?

There are times when ‘yes’ doesn’t mean ‘yes’. It’s called sexual coercion. Coercion means using pressure, force or threats to make someone do something you want. It is a form of sexual violence.

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The following statements are meant to have you ask yourself:

"Have I pressured someone to have sex? Would I?"

Take a moment to think about each statement and explore it for yourself before answering. You can be totally honest – we aren’t taking names.

Statement 1 of 6

You have been dating for a month and sex is a regular part of the relationship. One night your partner says 'not now'. You pressure them to change their mind because you are a couple.

Statement 2 of 6

You are feeling extremely turned on but your partner says ‘no’. This is not the first time and you are pissed because you think they are playing games with you. You let your partner know that ‘no’ for you is a deal-breaker.

Statement 3 of 6

You meet someone in a bar who seems really into you. You start making out and things really heat up. Suddenly they say ‘I’ve gotta go’. You let them know that you don’t appreciate being led on this way and you keep the kiss going to show how into them you are.

Statement 4 of 6

You are making out with someone who is wasted. They say ‘I don’t want to have sex’ but keeps touching you. You figure they are just too drunk to really mean stop and you keep going.

Statement 5 of 6

You like someone who has been flirting with you for over a month. Whenever you try to make it physical – they shut you down. One night you are at a party and you can see they are drinking. You are thinking the alcohol might help move things along so you start feeding them drinks.

Statement 6 of 6

For you, being in a relationship means that sex is a given. One night your partner says ‘no’, for no good reason you can see. You are furious and don’t talk to them for three days to make your point.